There are so many thoughts piling up in my head lately, I can barely organize and correctly file them away.

Do I respond to that message?

What do I say to the person who has hurt me?

Did I ruin that?

Am I failing?

Are they okay?

Should I spend my money on that?

Do they really think that about me?

Am I smart, strong, or capable enough?

Am I alone?

Are we really going to keep having this same fight?

Did I do that right?

Did I handle this like I should have?


Days like today and yesterday and the day before where I can’t even quiet my mind for ONE second, I feel so overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with every word I want to say to someone who is in need of a response from me or every dollar amount to an unknown expense or the right way to handle someone who has hurt me or someone I have hurt.

It’s tiresome.

I guess the thing I have always been guilty of is over thinking every little minute detail. I think things to death. Most of the time I only obsess over the things that are completely gone from my life, how nuts is that? I don’t know what the answer is. And I won’t ever write blog posts that have all the answers, because I don’t.

All I know to do is map out my mind on paper and get on my knees and ask Jesus to guide me.