I have traveled here and there the past few weekends and have had a wonderful time on each adventure. The first weekend I went to Houston to visit my mom. She was working there for 8 weeks, only going back to Amarillo twice to spend time with my step-dad. She is glad to be home now! While I was there, we went to a great Mexican food place in CityCentre and met up with one of mom’s best friends, Dawn.

Here is a photo of mom and me before dinner. She says my lipstick is shocking. I like it.


Here is a photo I took of my lovely mom. And no I didn’t do ANY editing to it. She is naturally this beautiful.


We got to sleep in, eat at Pappadeaux, I got a pedicure, go bowling, have some bellini’s and talk. Living 8 hours away from her is hard, but spending weekends like that one, makes it easier.

The following weekend the whole fam damily, as we like to call ourselves, headed to Port Aransas for a weekend on the beach. We stayed in an awesome condo called La Mirage. Here is an aerial view of it. You can see how close to the beach it is.

 La Mirage Condos, Port Aransas

Katelyn is a seasoned veteran at the beach. They have been taking her since she was two and she’s always loved it. However, Mack has only been twice and the first time was last year, when he was only four months old. He was far too small to do anything but sit in mommy’s lap. This year he got to walk out into the water, build sand castles with his sister, and just have a good ol’ time! Here is a picture of him riding in the wagon out to the water. He looks a little nervous, but really he just couldn’t wait to get out.


While in Port A, we ate at a great place called the Venetian Hotplate, where you have to pre-order their lasagna because they only make a specific number. We also ate at my favorite Port A grub station, The Crazy Cajun. They have an awesome boil with shrimp, new potatoes, corn, sausage, and crab. I did something I had never done before, while there; took a moonlit walk on the beach. The moon wasn’t out yet when my walk started, so it was eerily dark out there on the sand with the waves crashing in. The moon finally came up big, orange and beautiful. I was listening to Mumford & Sons Pandora while I was out there and it added a little something extra to my walk. I could see every star in the sky and I got to be alone and marvel at how magnificent our God is. The last place we ate before we skipped town has become our favorite family spot, it’s called Trout Street. This is what I had for lunch, on top of some delightful seafood nachos.


Below are a few more pictures from our trip. None are edited.

Image ImageImageImageImage Image Image Image

THEN this past weekend, Sarah and I roadtripped it down to Houston for the Kari Jobe concert. It was truly a glorious time of worshipping God. We heard Warren Barfield who wrote “Love Is Not a Fight” for the Fireproof soundtrack and All Sons And Daughters, who are INCREDIBLY TALENTED!!

We also got to shop at my FAVORITE CLOTHING STORE IN THE WHOLE WORLD: H&M. I spent a little more than I should have, but it was worth it. Right before we got back on the road to come back home, we went to eat at a place called Jus’ Mac. I had the pitmaster which was macaroni, bbq brisket, colby jack cheese, and bbq sauce. AMAZING. I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes food…



This coming weekend I will be traveling home to Amarillo. I’ll let you know how it goes!